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Community involvement and outreach has been an important aspect of the Broadmoor Garden Club since our inception nearly 80 years ago. We continue to seek out new projects and events in which to invest our knowledge, our energy, and our funds. We periodically welcome grant applications for projects to support, that are in line with our interest in area conservation, gardening, and civic enhancement or beautification. 


Projects that we have been involved with in the Pikes Peak region that are open to, and benefit the public, include the following organizations. Click on each one for further information

Broadmoor Garden Club's Historical Projects Video Presentation ~ Click HERE

The restoration of the Historic Orchard at ROCK LEDGE RANCH began in 2004 with memorial donations given by individual members along with Broadmoor Garden Club civic grants totaling $12,000. By 2012, over 67 trees had been planted. In addition, grafts were taken from “Old Rosy”, the heirloom (100 year old) apple tree, and the saplings were planted in the spring of 2013


VENETUCCI FARM, located on the southwestern edge of Colorado Springs, is an historic 190 acre working farm. For the last 6 years, Broadmoor Garden Club has donated time and money to enhance the farm’s bee sanctuary for the purpose of educating the public about the vital importance of bees and other insects in their role as pollinators for crops to feed all life on the planet. By providing a large handmade mason bee house and purchasing bee hives for various types of bees, we are encouraging the proliferation, health, and well-being of these essential creatures.


PINELLO RANCH AT VENETUCCI FARM consists of 300 acres contiguous to the Venetucci Farm both of which are operated as a non-profit by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. Broadmoor Garden Club has donated money for construction of a Bird Blind to give visitors an opportunity to view the great variety of birds in this wildlife oasis along Fountain Creek.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIELD INSTITUTE is dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of public lands in the Southern Rocky Mountain region. With Broadmoor Garden Club’s donations for materials, we are supporting the Garden of the Gods Restoration Program, which helps volunteers restore damaged sectors of the park by mitigating erosion and vegetation loss, and by improving hiking trails. 

Donations made by the Broadmoor Garden Club to Cheyenne Mountain State Park provide for the continuation of the Visitor Center Garden Renewal Project.  These funds help to beautify the east side of the visitor center and educate visitors about the plants within the park.

Through the years the Garden Club has hosted numerous fund-raising events to support our projects financially. We are very grateful to friends throughout the area for joining in and helping us to raise these funds and the the money raised goes back into the community in the form of grants to like-minded organizations. Our projects are incredibly diverse but with one common goal: To educate the public and to protect and enhance the natural beauty and well being of our Colorado Springs community.


Examples of past projects that we have supported financially include:


     Design and landscaping for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

     Design and landscaping for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s new exhibits with accompanying

           plant identification labels  

     Collaboration between Palmer Land Trust and Denver Botanic Gardens to identify rare or

           endangered plants in the Arkansas River Valley

     The development of a new garden at the Chipeta Elementary School in the Mountain

            Shadows community following the Waldo Canyon fire

     Repair and preservation of the historic Geologic Column in the Monument Valley Park

     Planting of  Silk Lilac Trees in Monument Valley Park in memory of our members


The Broadmoor is now accepting Grant Requests for 2023-24.  For the application  

For further information,  contact Joan Schulz at 719-235-3481 or via email

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